Friday, May 11, 2012

RIP Lloyd Brevett

In addition to Adam Yauch, the music world also lost Lloyd Brevett.  Lloyd Brevett was the original bassist for the Jamaican band The Skatalites.

The Skatalites were created by Coxone Dodd in an effort to create a modern music industry in Jamaica.  They created Ska, a combination of Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and form of Calypso called Mento.  It’s typified with a walking bass line with accents on the upbeats.  Ska evolved into what we now call Reggae.  The Skatalites and it’s successor groups The Soul Vendor and The Supersonics were the Jamaican equivalent of Booker T and the MG’s.  Recording material on their own and backing up others.

This is an instrumental called “Yard Broom”.

This is “Beardsman Ska”:

This is “Cleopatra”:

“The Vow” features singers Jackie Opel and Doreen Schaffer:

Finally “Simmer Down” features The Skatalites backing Bob Marley and The Wailers:

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